About Us

Who we are:

We are the Nash Family (Brian, Michelle, Emma and Sebastian)  Our family breeds cockapoos and colonial cocker spaniels , in our home located on Prince Edward Island Canada.  It is a family endeavour that our whole family participates in.

Why we are breeding:

Friends of ours (who we had gotten our original Cocker Spaniel from) were going to be out of the country for an extended period and one their cockers were expecting puppies we offered to take care of the mom and help raise and sell the puppies.  We didn’t know what we were getting into at the time, but Michelle diligently did her research and we made it through it and we enjoyed the experience as a family.  About 6 months later our friends we leaving the country again and one of their other females would be going into heat while they were away and they asked us to look after her and breed her, we offered again , and though it was work we found great joy in it.  Our kids loved seeing the little puppies grown and then see them going to the loving homes they were placed in.   Our own dog at this point was no longer a puppy and was ready to breed, and we wanted to see her have puppies because she was a great dog who had showed her maternal side when we had looked after the other puppies.   What we love most is seeing the joy that puppies bring to homes they go to.

Our Philosophy of Breeding:

We believe that

Right from the beginning our idea was to help provide great puppies ready for great families.   So to accomplish this we do things differently than other breeders, our dogs are not considered business assets, but rather members of our families. Our desire is to make sure you get the best possible dog for your family so we take the time to make sure all our puppies are socialized into family life and with other pets, that they are pad trained before we let them go home to there forever family.



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