Puppy Adoption

How do I go about adopting a puppy?

If you are interested in a puppy please fill out the adoption form located on here. Please fill this out in detail as the information you supply will help us decide what puppy is best for you. If your adoption form is approved we will contact you. We then require a $150 (non -refundable deposit) to reserve a puppy.

How do you decide what puppy is best for me?

Based on what you have told me in your adoption form and from talking to you on the phone. Say you are looking for a "Male, with more white on the face and a quite personality" Once the pups are 6 weeks old we'll let you know which puppy/puppies fit into this catagory. Then you can decide which one you like out of the ones we have suggested.

When can I see my puppy?

We'll post pictures of all the puppies when they are first born, then again at 3 weeks and once more around 6 weeks of age. At 6 weeks we will decide which puppy is best for you. You can visit the puppies once they are 7 weeks old and have received their first vaccine. Before 7 weeks they are very susceptible to diseases.

Do you ship and is it safe?

Yes, we will ship your puppy please contact for rate.  This price includes airfare and  a crate. As far as I'm concerned shipping is safe !  The airlines take great care of them and they always arrive safe and sound.  If you are in within a 12 hr drive we can arrange to personally deliver your new puppy at a cost based upon mileage.  If you are in driving distance we would love to meet you!

Does the puppy have to be quarantined if I’m from the States?

No, we will get your puppy an international health certificate. You will need to show customs the international health certificate and the vaccination record. They will look at it and send you on your way. It's very simple!

What Currency do you charge?

All our prices are listed in CDN dollars.

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