Dog Sitting

Dog / Puppy Day Care

Doggy day care at its best! This  is particularly beneficial if you have a small puppy or a dog that needs to be entertained during the day.

Good organization of the early stages of a puppy’s life is essential in order to encourage it to grow into a sociable and confident dog.  Puppies that are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and people tend to mature into well adjusted and well behaved dogs. We play and feed them and also aid in the toilet training process.


$15 / day for the first dog $5 for each additional dog/puppy


  • Do you feel guilty when you put your dog into a kennel and then spend your whole vacation worrying about him or her?
  • Do you not take a vacation because you can’t bear the thought of putting your dog into a  kennel?
  • Do you want your dog to receive genuine one on one care and attention so that you can concentrate while you are away on that important business trip?

Now there is a alternative which we believe is the next best thing to looking after your dog yourself – let them have a 5 Star  vacation of their own at our home.


$25 per Day for the first dog $15 / day for each additional dog up to  3 dogs maximum.

Staying with our Family vs “traditional” kennels:

Why have bed and breakfast when you can have the full 5 star treatment!  The dog home boarding service is regarded as simply the next best thing to your dog living in its own home!  Staying with our family, your dog lives within the home and is treated as “one of the family” – no outside runs or pens here! Dogs from one family only are boarded at any one time and we carefully check to ensure compatibility with our family’s own pets.

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  1. What are your hours of operation for the doggy day care? I have a cockapoo (Charlie) and wouldn’t mind dropping him off once in a while for social time with other dogs as he just loves playing with others but doesn’t get a chance to do so much as there’s no other dogs around here. We’re from Albany and was thrilled to see a doggy day care nearby. I thought they only had them in Charlottetown.



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