Happy Holidays from Sweet Island Home


Well it’s Christmas Eve and all our puppies from our last litter have gone to their new homes.  The last puppy left last Saturday, it is always a sad time for the whole family when ever the puppies leave, even though the work load lessens they are still missed because for the 8 – 10 weeks they are with us they become part of our family.  But we have some exciting news that is making the transition easier for us, we have added to new members to the Sweet Island Home Family which are replacing the void left by the puppies,  and I’d like to take time to introduce them to you.

First is Sophie, she as a 1 1/2 year old English Cocker.  She is quite the sweet heart very mild mannered she is fitting in with the family well and we expect that she will be ready to have her first litter of Cockapoos some time in the new year either spring or early summer.

sophie 1 sophie 4

Our second newest member is a a little sweetie who is just over 8 weeks old you’ll notice that she is a little different looking than our other girls that’s because we are thinking of adding another breed to our mix  so meet Henrietta “Hetty” she is a miniature Schnauzer who we are looking forward to having our first litter of Schnoodles with some time in 2015.  We let you know more about Schnoodles as we get closer to 2015 we will let you know about them.

hetty 5 hetty1 hetty2 hetty 3 hetty 4

One last teaser Hetty and Sophie have become best of friends with Sophie taking an almost motherly role with her.

hetty and sophie 1

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