Happy Victoria Day!!!

Our latest litter of puppies are 9 days old today and will soon be embarking on their next stage of development, there eyes should open within the next few days, which is always exciting to see what is behind those little lids.   There is still a lot to look forward to still in their development before they are ready to go to their new homes, it’s quite amazing to see how much they will cram into the next 6 or 7 weeks.  Already they have doubled their birth weight and what seemed last week to be just skin and fine hair can no be seen to be the beginnings of a beautiful coat.

It’s gets to be even busier in the next few weeks as the mother will slowly stop cleaning up after the puppies and it is left to us mere humans to take over the task.   This is the part of raising the puppies nobody likes because for about a week or two until we have them trained to use a specified bathroom area the whole little area we have set aside for them is one Giant bathroom for them.  At least at this point they  are probably at their cutest as they begin to develop and walk (ever so clumsily at first) it’s also the stage when we start to see their individual personalities start to shine through.

We have some great information on puppy development on our site which will explain the changes already and the ones yet to come.


Here is a great article from our friend Mario Ancic at The Atlantic Dog Academy on Puppy Development  this and other articles can be found on his site www.training-your-dog-and-you.com


Puppy Development: Understanding How It All Starts



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