New Puppies at 12 Days

It’s Day 12 for our Latest Litter, and some of the puppies eyes are opening and they are beginning to become a little more active.  We’ll probably upload videos by the end of the week.

We have some new pictures of the puppies, we have finally decided on our theme for this litter’s names some of our Favourite Foods so you will see names associated with each puppy.  These are just our names to refer to each puppy to make it easier for potential adopters to identify.  Most people once they get to know their puppy will choose a different name, though some have kept the name because it just suited their puppy so much.  As well to help identify the puppies each wears a different colour collar this will help you follow a particular puppy in our pictures and videos.

 The Males

 Marshamallow – Dark Blue Collar he is white in colour with tan spots and ears

Brownie -Black Collar  – he is tan in colour

Cafe Mocha –Red Collar  – he is tan in colour
Licorice Whip  –Green Collar  – he is copper in colour
licoricewhip2 licoricewhip1

 The Females

 Coconut –Light  Blue Collar she is white in colour with tan spots and ears

coconut2 coconut1
Pumpkin  – Orange Collar she is tan in colour
pumpkin2 pumpkin1
Sugar Cookie  –Pink Collar she is light tan in colour
Cupcake  –Yellow Collar –  she is dark tan in colour
cupcake2 cupcake1

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