New Videos Posted – Is Spring finally here?

Just added the first video of our recent puppies.  All our videos can be found on the Puppy TV page of the site.  This first video is just a quick video of Sophie’s four puppies beginning the early stages of play.  In the coming weeks we hope to have more videos uploaded.

So it finally looks like Spring might be here but you wouldn`t notice from looking in my backyard. The following picture was taken about a week and a half ago, we still have snow but it has receded and in most of the places grass is now visible though  some places still have 3 to 4 foot drifts.

But that is just our backyard where it seemed most of the snowfall in PEI seemed to accumulate.  This past Saturday was the first day we were able to take a walk on the Confederation Trail since the fall.  The Confederation Trail is one of the things I love about living in PEI and is a great place for walking dogs (remember to bring pooper scooper bags).    The trail we walked on this weekend is right off the Route 1A in Albany, the trail heading towards Kinkora.  So my son Sebastian and I took Hetty, Benji and Peaches (a friends dog we are looking after and breeding for them with Benji while they are away in South Africa)

It was a nice afternoon walk, since he got Hetty in the winter it was our first real opportunity to walk her like this.  She quite enjoyed it frollicking with the other dogs and running with Sebastian.  The path was nice and clear on this stretch, there was one or 2 spots covered with snow but it was really light less than a cm I`m sure.  There were places where water had pooled quite a bit along the side of the path one place in particular there was a small pond created, but the path itself was dry and great to be walking on.  And though I wouldn`t always call it a plus but Sebastian was even bit by a mosquito which is surely a sign of spring.




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