One of the best things about having family dogs

Last Saturday was a busy day early in the morning with the arrival of our new pups.  Michelle our “K-9 Midwife” and my #1 Wife had a pretty sleepless night overseeeing the delivery of our new pups as she always does.   Getting a rest wasn’t coming easy for her, our house is sometimes busy and chaotic (in a good way) and Saturday was one of those days with the kids being over excited about the new arrivals and full of more than their normal energy and on top of that the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.  So in the afternoon I took the Kids and our dogs (except for new mom Rosie of course) for a walk.  There are so many great old roads and paths on the Island where one can take a nice walk with one’s family.  Once the ground is dry in spring we try and get out once a week until late fall.  On some of the paths there are wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, on one old abandoned road we love to walk on there is an old bridge with a small river flowing under that my kids (and I) enjoy playing pooh sticks on.  But one of the best things is just letting our dogs run, they chase the kids play with each other and investigate with thier noses all the intersting smells of the best that remain hidden to the noses of us mere men.  The old road with the bridge was such a part of our routine with our dogs, that Sebastian affectionately calls it “Honey’s Road” after our old dog Honey who just loved it, excitedly getting out of the car waiting for that moment when we would let her off her leash and she would chase Sebastian or he would chase her, she would sometimes run a head but always looking back to make sure we were still insight.

This Saturday we went to a new walk not far from home along The Confederation Trail we had walked this section once before and aside from the early infestation of small black flies it was quite a pleasant walk.  It was our first time letting Lilly and Woody run a little freer as we believe they are trained and trustworthy enough, and they didn’t prove us wrong even when the odd smell caught there attention they came back as soon as called.  All in all it was quite enjoyable and like many of the paths we walk we didn’t run into anybody else along the way.  We enjoyed it so much that after Church on Sunday afternoon Michelle (now almost fully recovered) came with us as we walked this path again.

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