Adoption Wait List Process

At any point you can be added to a wait list for our next litter of puppies.

There are 2 options for being added to the list.  

1. You can make a deposit now which will guarantee you a puppy (we will only ever take 6 pre deposits per mother)

2.  The other option is you can get added to the list now without a deposit.  

For both of these options you will need to fill out our adoption application and contact us at

How the process works is,  shortly before the  time of birth we contact those who have made a deposit first and they confirm if they are ready for a puppy at this time.  Then after birth If there are still more puppies available then deposits we go to our non deposit wait list and send out an email  to the same amount of people as there are puppies  available (ie if a mother has 7 puppies and we have 4 pre deposits we will contact the top 3 people on the list) we will ask that they contact us within 48 hrs to let us know if they wish to have a puppy at this time and arrange a deposit if any say no we would go down to the next corresponding people on the list.  Until we have a deposit for all available puppies.

Once a litter is born we will begin the process of matching applicants with specific puppies based upon applications and discussions with families, you may arrange a visit once the puppies are 3 weeks old,  between week 4 and 5 puppies should be matched to their new families, while we try to meet specific requests this is not always possible. 

Deposits are non-refundable if after 18 months we have not matched you with a puppy a refund can then be requested.



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