Rosie’s and Benji’s Cockapoos April 9, 2014


On April 9, 2014, Rosie and Benji had their second litter. There are 5 girls and 2 boys – The Girls are the 2 white and the 2 red/buff  puppies and the boys are red/buff coloured puppy.

So continuing with our  Sweet Island Home – Sweet Theme for naming puppies these puppies are all named after some of our favourite cookies .  So meet the Girls; Snickerdoodle, Macaroon, Blondie, Ginger Snap and Biscotti, and their Brothers Peanut Butter, and Molasses.

Snickerdoodle (Light Blue Collar)

Macaroon (Black Collar)

Blondie (Red Collar)

Ginger Snap (“Kelly” Green Collar)

Biscotti (Neon Green Collar)

Peanut Butter (Orange Collar)

Molasses (Dark Blue Collar)

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  1. Those puppies look amazing, you guys have been busy the past few weeks! You must be happy with the litters, they are all lovely and I know they will find good homes. Love your website as well, looking terrific! :-)

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