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  ACC Registration:  SWBAD13PD840

Benji is an a white and apricot miniature poodle.  He is quite playful,  he loves being around people and he has become an important part of our family.  Benji is playful and listens well.

Poodle Studs we Currently Use

 We also currently use poodle studs from our friends at Bright Star Puppies currently we will be using.


He has a  rare and beautiful color .   His dad is  a therapeutic poodle  who is  working with the elderly and with sick children.  His mom is a very inteligent poodle who can perform many tricks and loves children.
Misha is adorable , intelligent and loves to be with people.


Previous Dads

Dogwood “Woody”

ACC Registration:  SWEAD12CS783



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