Waiting for New Puppies

Sophie should be having her first litter any day now and Rosie will be a week to 10 days after that, this means there’s lots of excitement and anticipation in our house as we watch for signs of impending birth, we prepare all the necessary supplies for child birth and we start brainstorming names for these litters.

And in the midst of all this we have 12 – 14 foot drifts in our back yard from the Blizzard we we struck with last week and the additional snow that has been added over the last 48 hrs.  With the gusting winds and freezing rain it makes the usual trips out to our kennel for bathroom time for the dogs even more labourious.

We are continuing the sweet theme we used from our last litter and we plan on continuing this theme from now on so if you want to make suggestions we’d love to hear from you just make a comment below,

And last but not least, we love getting updates from previous puppy purchasers letting us know how things have been and this week we got some beautiful photos from a puppy from Rosie’s last litter.

photo 3





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